Relocating Singapore? My investigation

Last post, I brief things I care when living a life. Carrying those questions, I went to Singapore on a 10-day trip. To conclude up front, SG is very similar to HK. While people speak good Mandarine and are friendly, HK is geographically closer to my home town. If I haven’t been to both and…

Should I relocate? Before making a decision….

A question has always been bothering me: Should I relocate to Singapore? Since I’m in Hong Kong now and the tech industry is better developed in Singapore. Without impulsive decision (what I did when coming to HK), I’m going to Singapore for a 10-day trip. I hope the question can be answered properly by the…

Read-to-action: Atomic Habits

I’ve heard about this book a lot since two years ago. I didn’t pick it up because it’s too popular and the name reads like just another bestsellers…. until last week. I found it so logical and down-to-earth. As I agree on a good deal of “why” & “how-to” mentioned, I decide to put some…

13 Virtues by Franklin

I’m reading <The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin> and find this precious practice quite interesting and challenging. It’d help one a lot just following blindly.

2022/7/31 纠结纹纹身的第9年

思考纹什么是拷问核心价值观。纹个明星款、大陆款、原创款… 如果说“破处”之后大家普遍就不那么在意第二、三、四个纹身图案,至少第一个纹身某(很大)程度体现你的🧠。我一个纹身都没有,处于一直空有念头的阶段。


意义感驱动人向上。 渐渐可以理解那些“无私奉献”从何而来。一个人久了,被困在我 我 我的思维陷阱里很难受。偶尔从朋友那边感受到他喜欢你,为他做一点事感觉对方很开心,自己也愉悦起来。这种愉悦比奖赏自己更加持久。




一个多月前,焦头烂额 —— 香港疫情正在爬坡,每天WFH,心惊胆战不敢出门,在家憋得慌。回到香港之前,一直想着要换个房子。在上海过年时就老看香港房子。终于回来了,觉得换房子好麻烦。疫情这么严重,要不等等?这样拖了一个礼拜。




最近看了两本书,一本是《且以优雅过一生:杨绛传》,一本是杨绛自己写的《我们仨》。 刚刚在看Satya Nadella的采访,有学生问,作为斯坦福MBA商学院的毕业生,毕业后应该回印度贡献还是留在湾区学习。 想到自己前俩礼拜心血来潮,说想去帮北美Team做expansion。 无非都是时机的问题——成熟了吗?


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