Relocating Singapore? My investigation

Last post, I brief things I care when living a life. Carrying those questions, I went to Singapore on a 10-day trip. To conclude up front, SG is very similar to HK. While people speak good Mandarine and are friendly, HK is geographically closer to my home town. If I haven’t been to both and need to choose one purely looking at on LIVING, I’d choose SG. However, given HK is under China which means I don’t have to re-root, and I’ve been in HK for over 2 years, HK now has a higher score.

Expanding in more details

Commute: HK wins. HK has the better (if not best) transportation system. In SG, going from where I live to Marina Bay Sands is 2.4km, but it’ll take 24min to transport, and I need to walk 1.1km 🥲 In HK, from my home to K11 MUSEA requires crossing harbor. But it only takes 28min even total route distance is 4.4km.

Accommodation: SG is more expensive than HK. Price of renting has skyrocketed in Singapore in 2022 but HK’s rent keeps flat from COVID happens. It’s not too much of a concern as the high rent will be reflected in your salary… just listing this matter of fact.

Workout: Even. Clubhouse with swimming pool is always provided if you rent a condo in Singapore. Same as HK: I got a clubhouse, swimming pool is 10min-walk. Besides, I can easily go jogging along seaside.

Language: SG is a win because it’s Mandarine friendly. However, Singlish is hard to understand. I really don’t like its pronunciation

Supermarkets: Not much of a difference. By looking at SKUs only I can’t tell which city I’m in

Drinks: Singapore is 20% higher? SGD10~13 for a pint standard beer. Drinks in HK is expensive already. But if you buy home, I think the price are around the same. One thing to mention – Craft beer is more developed in SG

Green: A big win to SG. Green is even on the outlook of skyscrapers in city center

Shopping: HK is a bit bit cheaper, I meant clothes

Weekday Eating: Hawker Center is a big win. Plenty of options, from Chinese to Singaporean, to Indian, to Malay…. In HK you only got Cha Chaan Teng with no vegetables 🥲

Cafe: Singapore wins. People in the cafe are in no rush. I can easily find place to sit for 1,2 hours. Not easy in HK

Weather: In general I like hot SG weather. But I’m not sure if I can stand all-year summer

Weekend Travel: to SEA countries vs. to China. Both places won’t be boring

I’m more objective about SG now. Honestly, I don’t want to admit that HK scores out, but it seems so. Of course, a good opportunity can turn everything around. But this is just what I observed for now.

Good night 🛌

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