How to keep being passionate

“You’re passionate.” Ex-boss once said. I’ve received similar comment multiple times, without strugglely forcing myself acting so.

But I start to feel passion, my gift, fading away after years of tireless burning.

There’s not much of a challenge at work. Maintainance, repeating “new” features, sprint after sprint… We look at the same app store review, week and week again.

There’s less surprises happening in life… hang out with the same group of friends, dine in similar restaurants, passing by the same sea-side and MTR exits.

I start to think, is this what it meant to be? Repeat, get paid, and spend them seeking for freshing experience?

We need changes, yet I’m trapped by heart. I want to step out of comfort zone, but most of the times tend to stay where I am. Travel? Sure, but too expensive. New restaurant? Hmmm, what if too oily, it doesn’t look delicious… New job? I hope so, what if it’s a bad move? Plus, there’s a ton of preparation needed.

A lot of things I think I should do – writing a book, start looking for a right industry, practice talking (expressing myself in general)… a week passed by and 0 progress made.

What has changed in me?

I’m definitely not a fan of being trapped and taking 0 action. But I’ve stayed here for a while.

Maybe because lacking of security, or too nervous about losing, about not making the right decision, about failure.

We have to recognize the opportunity, whether it takes grit, or hanging on is simply waste of time.

Bad move is okay, risk is worth taking. You’re still in your twenties. “The only failure in your twenties in not trying.”


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